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Eurozone crisis: Support the ECB!

Commenting on the latest developments in the Eurozone crisis, Greens/EFA economic affairs spokesperson Sven Giegold MEP said: „EU leaders cannot pull the wool over the eyes of the markets, without an economically and politically credible crisis response mechanism, the Eurozone crisis will not be resolved. “The latest developments with Italian and Spanish sovereign debt have […]

Beyond the ‚big three‘ ratings agencies

It is time for an independent European agency to provide sovereign debt ratings – ending the dominance of Fitch, Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s, argues Sven Giegold MEP. Ever since the railway expansion in 19th century America, credit rating agencies have played an increasingly important role in guiding and directing investments. Today, ratings play the […]

Appeal „Let’s change Europe“

MEPs launch online appeal for fair economic and social policies in a time of crisis A group of MEPs today launched the cross-party appeal „Let’s change Europe“ criticising current economic and social policies in the EU and calling for a change of course. It’s the economic governance package, in particular, that’s in the line of […]

Briefing on the Portuguese Bail-out

After several months of ‘market expectations’ that Portugal would ‘unavoidably’ join Greece and Ireland as the third euro area bailed-out Member State, Portugal’s caretaker government has confirmed today that it has submitted a formal written request for a financial rescue package to the European Commission. This announcement follows a fresh political crisis triggered by the […]

Solidarity with Japan! Fukushima is everywhere!

Call for solemn  vigil (″Mahnwache″) in Brussels on Monday, 14th of March, from 6-6:30 pm, in  front of the European Parliament As a reaction to the various catastrophes in Japan during the last days, solemn vigils are going to be held all over Germany this evening. Following this idea, we call for a solemn vigil […]

World Social Forum in Dakar

A Global Open Space geared towards action [für die deutsche Fassung bitte hier klicken.] Just like last year’s World Social Forum held in Belem (Brazil), the Forum in Dakar took place under the impression of the deep crisis of neoliberal globalization. Whereas the economy has recovered for some time already in some regions of the […]

Green MEPs demand lower interest rates for Greece

On the occasion of today’s disbursement of 6,5 bn EUR in the framework of the Greek adjustment programme the European parliamentarians Michail Tremopoulos (Greek Greens) and Sven Giegold (German Greens and Green coordinator in the Economic and Monetary Committee) declared: „The adjustment programme has not solved the deep problems of the Greek economy but added […]

Irish Times: Ireland criticised over corporation tax

Ireland criticised over corporation tax MARIE O’HALLORAN Wed, Sep 22, 2010 IRELAND’S CORPORATION tax policy has come in for renewed criticism with a senior member of the German Greens describing it as an “unjustified privilege” and “illegitimate preference”. Sven Giegold said the bond spreads or cost of borrowing for Ireland “have reached Greek levels, creating […]

Economic and Monetary Affairs committee supports stronger rules for financial markets

PRESS RELEASE – Brussels, 11 May 2010   EU Financial Supervision: Economic and Monetary Affairs committee supports stronger rules for financial markets Commenting on yesterday’s vote in the Economic and Monetary Affairs committee on a single European financial supervisor, Sven Giegold, rapporteur for the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) said: “MEPs from virtually all […]