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Financial transaction tax: Greens hail landmark moment for FTT

Commenting on the announcement that a group of eleven EU member states has agreed to move forward with the implementation of a common financial transaction tax through an ‚enhanced cooperation‘ procedure (1), Green economic and finance spokesperson Emilie Turunen (MEP, Denmark) stated: „This breakthrough on the financial transaction tax (FTT) is a landmark moment both […]

Ecumenical conference in Brazil to discuss a new financial and economic architecture

Bei der ökumenischen Konferenz diskutiere ich beim Weltkongress der Kirchen in Brasilien über eine neue internationale Finanz- und Wirtschaftsarchitektur. Das Programm gibt es hier. Weitere Informationen zum Kongress gibt es hier (Englisch). Skripte und Präsentationen der Beiträge: Prof. Steve Keen: The Crisis & building an ethical financial system Prof. Dr. rer.pol. Martin Büscher: Democratising Finance […]

Call for tender of the EP for two studies on financial supervision

The European Parliament has published an open call for tender for two studies regarding the Review of the new European System of Financial Supervision (EFSF). One study deals with the work of the European supervisory authorities (EBA, EIOPA and ESMA), the other one with the work of the European Systemic Risk Board (ESRB). Please feel […]

Study: Legal issues of the Single European Supervisory Mechanism

Here you find a short version of the study commissioned by my colleague Dr. Franziska Brantner and me, written by René Repasi from the Institute of German and European Corporate and Business Law, University of Heidelberg: “Legal issues of the Single European Supervisory Mechanism” Key findings: A. A full-fledged single supervision mechanism which is democratically […]

Financial markets and products (MiFID) MEPs take steps to tackle commodity speculation but consumer protection undermined by Socialist u-turn

The EP’s economic affairs committee today voted on important legislative proposals on the regulation of the market for financial instruments (MIFID). While MEPs took tentative steps to strengthening proposals on high frequency trading and commodity speculation, the Greens are shocked by the last minute weakening of provisions on consumer protection by the S&D group. In […]

EU banking union: European banking supervision plans welcomed but democratic checks must be guaranteed

The European Commission today presented legislative proposals aimed at providing for a supervisory system for European banks, as well as a communication on European deposit guarantee and banking resolution schemes, another key element of the proposed European banking union (1). The Greens are in favour of strong banking supervision rules but cautioned on the need […]

Request for Proposals „Shadow Banking“

The European Parliament is now preparing its position on shadow banking. In an own-initiative report, the EP  adopts own measures even before the Commission submits its  legislative proposals. Here you can find the draft report of the socialist rapporteur Saïd El Khadraoui. At the beginning of next week we as Greens will start to prepare our amendments under […]

Energy efficiency:
EP adopts crucial new law; swift implementation urged to maximise EU energy savings drive

The European Parliament today adopted new EU legislation on energy efficiency and savings (1). The EP’s draftsperson/rapporteur, Green MEP Claude Turmes, welcomed the vote but called for swift implementation and the reorientation of public policy and funds to ensure these job-creating measures can be delivered. After the vote, the EP rapporteur/draftsperson Claude Turmes said: „This […]

EU tax rules: MEPs vote to toughen EU rules and clamp down on tax dodging practises by business

The European Parliament today adopted its opinion on draft EU legislation on interest and royalty taxation (1). MEPs voted in favour of toughening EU measures with a view to outlawing tax avoidance schemes currently employed by businesses, as well as for effective minimum taxation of cross border interest and royalty payments within the EU. The […]

Euro crisis/sovereign debt: ECB again forced to fill vacuum left by EU political leadership but democratic concerns persist

Commenting on the announcement by the European Central Bank of its intention to reactivate a scheme to buy governments bonds from Eurozone members in economic difficulty (1), Greens/EFA economic and finance spokesperson Sven Giegold (MEP, Germany) said:   “The ECB has been again forced to fill the vacuum resulting from the persistent failure of the […]