Sven Giegold
Member of the European Parliament – Greens/EFA Group

Speaker of the German Green Delegation

LuxLeaks: reaction on Juncker’s press conference

EU Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker just concluded his press conference. Sven Giegold, financial and economic spokesperson for the Greens in the European Parliament, comments:

“The measures Mr. Juncker sketched out against tax avoidance are insufficient. He holds firm to defend tax competition within the EU. It is a step forward that Jean-Claude Juncker makes an effort to establish automatic information exchange on tax rulings and a common basis for corporate taxation, yet it is not ambitious enough. He still ignores country specific tax transparency and minimum tax rates. Tax competition without minimum tax rates and a social market economy do not fit together. A common basis for corporate taxation will not stop the race to the bottom, unless minimum tax rates are implemented”

“Simultaneously, Mr Juncker tries to distract from the EU´s problems and to shift the political debate to the level of the G-20 and their meeting this weekend. The measures, which the G-20 envisages are clearly insufficient to solve the problems. The G-20 neither take into account a common basis for corporate taxation, nor minimum tax rates. The G-20 proposals are rather complicated measures of job creation for tax adivsers.

The Greens will push Mr Juncker as well as the blocking coalition in the European Parliament with concrete proposals, such our 8 point action programme against tax avoidance by multinational companies.”
8 point action programme against tax avoidance by multinational companies:

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