Sven Giegold
Mitglied der Grünen/EFA-Fraktion im Europaparlament

Sprecher Europagruppe Grüne


European Social Fund: A success for the solidary economy

Report of the European Parliament about the Troika’s work

Consultation – Single Resolution Mechanism

Financial market manipulation: Commission bows to London and gives up on European supervision of benchmarks

Banking supervision: A leap ahead for Europe

EU banking union: Deal on democratic scrutiny could clear way for EU banking supervision system

Market abuse rules (LIBOR): EP votes for tougher fines, more transparency and greater protection for whistleblowers

Questions to the ESA chairs

Shadow banking: Disappointing money market proposals fall far short of recommended regulation

Shaping together European Support for the Social Economy

Mixed feelings

Financial regulation: Finally costs for payment services will decrease

Single resolution mechanism: Save the banking union!

Investment fund rules: Conservatives and Liberals stop better consumer protection

Finally a general approach by Council on MiFID: weak rules on food speculation

Financial services: European Council delays necessary reforms

Tax transparency: Country-by-Country reporting by commodity firms and automatic information exchange about capital income

Capital income information and tax evasion: Proposed extension of automatic information exchange an important step

EU economic and budgetary oversight: Belated shift away from one-side austerity must become more comprehensive policy

Consultation on anti-money-laundering proposals

FATCA hearing in the ECON committee

Economic monetary union: Next steps towards economic union must have democratic accountability at core

Tax evasion: Shameless obstructionism on banking transparency must be overcome

EU banking union

Germany’s excessive current account surplus: the Commission must act now

Mortgage rules: Deal a breakthrough for consumer protection but bigger picture lacking

Financial Times: Giegold promises to polish Ucits label & ‘I did not backpedal’

Briefing: FATCA and Data Protection

The breakthrough: EU finance ministers stand together against tax havens and for automatic exchange of information

Offshore Secrets: Time is ripe for a European FATCA

Breakfast on insurance mediation: Benefitting from the potential of Scandinavian experiences

World Social Forum in Tunis

Financial times: Giegold falls off the Christmas card list

Investment fund rules (UCITS): Bonuses for fund managers to be capped among wider investor protection in new draft EU rules

EU banking union: Landmark banking supervision deal includes key provisions on democratic accountability

Economic governance – 2 pack: EP signs off new rules providing sounder EU economic governance and crisis response

For a European Spring: Brussels police has to allow citizens to march against austerity

Strong French efforts for deficit reduction: No reason for conservative bashing of France

EU financial regulation: Tightening of EU derivatives rules to reduce risk welcome but regulatory process must be improved

Eurogroup chairpersonship: Fait accompli as latest Euro economic decision-making post to be signed-off after backdoor deal

Credit rating agencies: Downgraded deal on new EU rules approved, as opportunity missed for more ambitious regulation

Tax policy: Irish presidency challenged to deliver on tax avoidance and fraud

EU banking supervision legislation – Agreement welcome but EP must now ensure final legislation not riddled with loopholes

Tax avoidance and fraud: Commission plan a belated step but further measures needed to truly address tax avoidance

IASB Chairman Hans Hoogevorst in the ECON Committee

Tax avoidance and fraud:  Commission plan a belated step but further measures needed to truly address tax avoidance

EU banking supervision legislation: MEPs move swiftly to shore up European banking system

EuroparlTV: EU gets tough on credit rating agencies

Credit rating agencies: New EU rules another step forward but opportunity missed for more ambitious regulation

Eurogroup – Greece: Failure to address long term fiscal sustainability looms large

Europolitics Interview – Financial Markets Regulation

Happy Birthday Tax Justice Network

ECB executive board – Chicanery over Mersch appointment prevented

ECB executive board: Bulldozing through of Mersch appointment an affront to EU democratic process

Letter to Herman Van Rompuy on the nomination of Yves Mersch

Financial markets and products (MiFID) EP gets tough on commodity speculation and high frequency trading but falls short on consumer protection

ECB board vote: EPP shows flagrant disregard for democratic process

ECB executive board: EP takes stand against exclusion of women from Euro decision-making

Financial Transaction Tax: Ball set rolling for FTT coalition of the willing

Market manipulation/LIBOR rules: MEPs support tougher sanctions against market manipulation and insider dealing

Reasons for the Greens not to adopt the 2012 report on the European Semester

Financial transaction tax: Greens hail landmark moment for FTT

Ecumenical conference in Brazil to discuss a new financial and economic architecture

Call for tender of the EP for two studies on financial supervision

Study: Legal issues of the Single European Supervisory Mechanism

Green background briefing: Vote of 26/09/2012 on MiFID/MiFIR reform in the economic and monetary affairs committee in the European Parliament

Financial markets and products (MiFID) MEPs take steps to tackle commodity speculation but consumer protection undermined by Socialist u-turn

EU banking union: European banking supervision plans welcomed but democratic checks must be guaranteed

Request for proposals: “Shadow Banking”

Energy efficiency: EP adopts crucial new law; swift implementation urged to maximise EU energy savings drive

EU tax rules: MEPs vote to toughen EU rules and clamp down on tax dodging practises by business

Euro crisis/sovereign debt: ECB again forced to fill vacuum left by EU political leadership but democratic concerns persist

LIBOR/EURIBOR: EP economics committee holds public consultation

EU investment fund and insurance rules (UCITS, IMD, PRIPs): Commission tiptoes towards strengthened consumer protection

Accounting transparency – EP vote for tougher EU rules would reduce scope for unethical corporations and tax avoidance

EU mortgage rules: EP votes to strengthen consumer protection but fails to deal with macroeconomic risks of property lending

European Parliament Strengthens Social and Solidarity Economy

Financial Transaction Tax: EP pushes for swift implementation in coalition of the willing

Summary of key points of the financial transaction taxation legislation adopted by the European Parliament

Working paper: No stablization of the Euro without a Green New Deal

High Level Banking Conference

The future of the insurance industry – some answers

Presentation online: Saving the Euro needs a Green New Deal

European Parliament concludes action programme against tax evasion

TEDxChange – The Big Picture today in Berlin

Launch of the European Citizens’ Initiative! Strengthening the European civil society

Background paper Omnibus II – The insurance industry prevails over harmonised regulation and policyholder protection

Solvency II / Omnibus II: Lobby Festival in the European Parliament

Interview on the European Cooperative Society Statute (video)

Greens/EFA call for initiation of Article 7 procedure against Hungary

Common Paper on the Eurocrisis SPD / Greens

Commission proposal on European social entrepreneurship funds: a milestone for the recognition of the social and solidarity economy

Press release ALTER-EU: Parliament blocks expert groups’ budget until safeguards against their capture by special interests and increased transparency are introduced

Financial Transaction Tax: Commission proposals better late than never but must now be swiftly implemented

Eurozone Crisis: Support the ECB!

Facing the crisis together: The case for a strong European Economic Union

Beyond the ‘big three’ ratings agencies

Press release: Appeal “Let’s change Europe”

Press release: Financial regulation – MEPs vote for greater consumer protection under EU rules on deposit guarantees

Press release: EU can go it alone on financial transaction tax

Green New Deal – leaflet

Briefing on the Portuguese Bail-out

Solidarity with Japan! Fukushima is everywhere!

Press release: Green MEPs demand lower interest rates for Greece

World Social Forum in Dakar – A Global Open Space geared towards action

Curriculum vitae

Economic governance: MEPs set out stall on economic governance ahead of debate with Council

Irish Times: Ireland criticised over corporation tax

Economic and Monetary Affairs committee supports stronger rules for financial markets

EuropeanVoice: Council at odds with MEPs

Euractiv: EU Parliament pushes for bank tax

Media conference and livestream: The future of financial supervision in Europe

Reuters: EXCLUSIVE-Lawmakers’ challenge could derail EU bank watchdogs

European Financial Supervisory Architecture: EU Parliament unveils proposals to strengthen financial supervision