Sven Giegold
Mitglied der Grünen/EFA-Fraktion im Europaparlament

Sprecher Europagruppe Grüne
„Kommt, wir bauen das neue Europa!“


Letter to Herman Van Rompuy on the nomination of Yves Mersch

Dear President, On Octobre 25, the Plenary of the European Parliament has, for the first time, rejected a nominee chosen by the Council of ministers for the ECB board, Mr Yves Mersch. The…

ECB board vote: EPP shows flagrant disregard for democratic process

The European People’s Party has called on EU governments to ignore today’s vote by the European Parliament to reject the sole candidate, Yves Mersch, for the vacancy on the executive board of the European Central Bank. The rejection was…

Euro crisis/sovereign debt: ECB again forced to fill vacuum left by EU political leadership but democratic concerns persist

Commenting on the announcement by the European Central Bank of its intention to reactivate a scheme to buy governments bonds from Eurozone members in economic difficulty (1), Greens/EFA economic and finance spokesperson Sven Giegold (MEP, Germany) said:   “The ECB has…