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FT spin on bank levy contributions gets it wrong

Dear Peter Spiegel, In today’s comment on the single resolution funds contributions you wrote: „EU officials declined to make public how much each country would contribute to the €55bn fund under the new plan. They acknowledged that,…

Lord Hill refuses to provide answer on his lobbying past

Following the first hearing of Lord Hill, commissioner-designate for EU financial market affairs, the European Parliament´s Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee (ECON) had invited Hill to a second exchange of views. Prior to this meeting on Tuesday, 6 October…

Moscovici hearing: breakdown of the European Parliament’s Grand Coalition

“The hearings of the Commissioners-designate are taking a rather democratic turn. For weeks there have been rumours in the European Parliament that a ‘Grand Coalition’ of the centre-right (EPP) and social-democrat (S&D) groups would mutually support each other’s candidates….