Sven Giegold
Mitglied der Grünen/EFA-Fraktion im Europaparlament

Sprecher Europagruppe Grüne


Financial services: European Council delays necessary reforms

Important and necessary reforms are currently delayed by the European Council. After the heads of governments boasted with clear statements to impose a strong and effective regulation on the financial markets their reforming efforts lack progress. Many reform…

Tax transparency: Country-by-Country reporting by commodity firms and automatic information exchange about capital income

There’s good news from Strasbourg. Overwhelmingly, the European Parliament yesterday has adopted the revision of the accounting and transparency directives (1). Corporations engaged in the exploitation of natural resources and primary forests are obliged now to reveal their…

Consultation on anti-money-laundering proposals

Earlier this year the European Commission published a proposal for revising the directive on money laundering and terrorist financing. As usual we are interested in comments from and insights of professionals and stakeholders. Is the Commissions’ assessment…

FATCA hearing in the ECON committee

Tomorrow, on Tuesday 28 May at 15.30 the Economy and Financial Affairs Committee of the European Parliament will carry out a hearing on the question: The fight against tax evasion – FATCA as a step towards…

EU banking union

Landmark banking supervision rules approved; final go-ahead pending agreement on EP scrutiny An agreement on new EU legislation creating a European banking supervision mechanism was given provisional approval by the European Parliament today but a final vote on the legislation…

Tax evasion:
Shameless obstructionism on banking transparency must be overcome

EU finance ministers today failed to agree on ending loopholes in the EU savings directive, under which Luxembourg and Austria are exempted from provisions on automatic information exchange, due to continued opposition from those two countries. The Greens hit…