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New Code of Conduct: Commission may not choose its own judges

During today’s Commission meeting, President Juncker presented his suggestions for a reform of the Commission’s Code of Conduct. The public outcry over former Commission President Barroso’s changeover to Goldman Sachs had triggered this discussion to reform Commission’s integrity rules….

Votes on commissioners today: all details

Votes on some Commissioners-designate will take place this evening: ·         ITRE/ENVI Vote onCanete: 18:30, room JAN 4Q2 ·         ITRE/ENVI Vote onBratusek: 18:30, room JAN 4Q2 ·         ECON/EMPL/ITRE Vote on Katainen: 19:30 room JAN 2Q2 ·         ECON Vote on Hill: 20:00 room JAN 2Q2 ·         ECON Vote on Moscovici:20:30 room JAN 2Q2 ·         ECON/EMPL…

Timetable Meetings on Hill, Katainen and Moscovici today

Meetings on HILL, KATAINEN and MOSCOVICI Please find hereunder details of the times and venues for today’s coordinators’ meetings: 1. ECON / EMPL / ITRE: 12:00 – 12:30: Evaluation of…

Antworten von Pierre Moscovici auf die Fragen des ECON-Ausschuss’

Hier gibt es Herrn Moscovicis Antworten auf die schriftlichen Fragen des ECON-Ausschuss’:   Questions to Commissioner-designate for Economic and Financial Affairs, Taxation and Customs, Mr Pierre Moscovici 1.         The working relationship between you and the Vice-Presidents is still not fully clear….

Zeitplan der weiteren Anhörungen der Kommissionskandidaten Hill, Katainen und Dombrovskis

Procedure for deciding on HILL, KATAINEN & DOMBROVSKIS Tuesday, 7th October 2014 17:30-18:00 – ECON: Brief discussion on Commissioners-designate Hill and Katainen. 18:00-19:00 – ECON/EMPL/ITRE: Joint Evaluation on Commissioner-designate Katainen 19:00-19:30 – Possible Joint ECON/EMPL meeting to finalise Commissioner-designate Dombrovskis procedure (Time permitting)…