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Lobby Transparency

European Parliament: Lobby transparency must not be a secret matter

On 31st January, the European Parliament will vote for the first time on binding rules for the lobbying transparency of MEPs, as part of a reform to amend the European Parliament’s rules of procedure. Last Wednesday, the Christian-Democrat EPP…

Transparency Register: Parliament avoids steering negotiations over the cliff

Dear journalists, dear friends,   Today, the leadership of Christian-Democrats (EPP), Social-Democrats (S&D) and Liberals (ALDE) in the European Parliament turned a corner for negotiations with EU Commission and Council for a stronger Transparency Register for lobbyists last minute to avoid driving…

Lobby register: Parliament negotiators want to block more transparency

The key document of negotiations on the EU Transparency Register for lobbyists is now finally public. The Council has published the document which was formerly kept secret even by the Parliament’s lead negotiators. The published 4-column document shows the…

ECB delegitimises its own independence

Today, the ECB published its decision on the recommendations by the EU Ombudswoman Emily O’Reilly. The Ombudswoman recommended that the ECB terminates Mario Draghi’s membership of the Group of Thirty (G30), an intransparent association of managers of big banks,…