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Financing the recovery: Joint Italian-German appeal calls for “zero tolerance policy towards tax dumping and money laundering”

Today, 65 public figures from Italy and Germany have called for a EU zero tolerance policy against tax dumping, tax fraud and money laundering. Among the signatories are more than 20 professors of economics. The appeal was initiated by Sven Giegold together with the Italian economics professors Tito Boeri and Guido Tabellini as part of the campaign for solidarity in Europe #WeAreInThisTogether.


The appeal calls for the costs of the Corona crisis to be covered by decisive action and European cooperation against tax dumping and money laundering. In this regard, the text makes five proposals and suggests a course of action to enforce them. The proposals are made four weeks ahead of the publication of the EU tax action plan.


Please, join in our appeal here and give it political strength:


Webinar with EU commissioner Gentiloni: This Monday evening, from 5 – 7 pm, we will discuss the appeal in a webinar with the responsible EU Commissioner Paolo Gentiloni and the well-known Italian economics professor Tito Boeri. Already 1,000 have registered. Register here:


MEP Sven Giegold, financial and economic policy spokesperson of the Greens/EFA group commented:


“We must not pass the bill for the economic recovery of Europe on to the next generation. If the state needs money, it can no longer ignore tax tricks and money laundering. In the face of massive government spending, it is now the right time for a European zero tolerance policy against tax dumping and money laundering. If new debt goes through the roof, tax havens must be closed and criminal money confiscated. The Corona crisis is raising awareness for the revenue side. The EU Commission and the Member States must make European tax cooperation a top priority so that we can invest in the future without drowning in debt. The German EU Council Presidency should advocate effective minimum tax rates in Europe.


The new social inequalities caused by the Corona crisis must be combated by a fair European tax policy. Tax increases are out of the question during the recovery phase of the European economy. It is therefore all the more important to close tax loopholes and combat financial crime.”

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