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Commission work programme 2022: chemicals strategy delayed

The European Commission has presented its work programme for 2022. The programme contains a zero pollution package, but numerous legislative proposals that have already been announced for 2022 are missing, especially in the area of chemical policy. The EU Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability was adopted by the EU Commission a year ago. It contains numerous announcements for legislative proposals to protect people and nature and to strengthen the competitiveness of European industry. So far, however, no specific legislative proposal has been presented by the Commission. The vast majority of the proposals planned for 2021 or 2022 are also not in the Commission’s work programme for 2022.

MEP Sven Giegold, spokesman of Bündnis 90/Die Grünen in the European Parliament and Green shadow rapporteur on the chemicals strategy commented:

“The year 2022 must be the year of the implementation of the European Green Deal. With the Green Deal, the European Commission has adopted a strong blueprint for Europe’s future. And this foundation was further expanded through numerous strategies and action plans. But in order to contain the dangers of the global triple crisis – climate change, biodiversity loss and pollution – we must, especially in the coming year, ambitiously and courageously translate these many strategies and action plans into tangible legislation. The Commission has to stick to the goals it has set itself and must now shift up a gear. 

We cannot accept any further delays in the central EU Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability. Sustainable chemicals are an important part of the transition to a sustainable society. The chemical transition affects all consumers and practically every European industry. In particular, the reform of the REACH regulation and the amendment of the rules for central product groups in everyday life such as toys, cosmetics and food contact materials must not be delayed further.  We must not lose any time now in view of the necessary modernization of the European chemical industry. I expect the Commission to approach the implementation of the EU Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability with the necessary ambition. “



The EU Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability provides, among others, for the following laws to be revised in 2021 or 2022. There are no references to these legislative changes in the Commission’s work programme for 2022.

  • REACH Regulation
  • Food contact materials Regulation
  • Cosmetics Products Directive 
  • Toy Safety Directive
  • Chemical Agents Directive
  • Asbestos at Work Directive 
  • Industrial Emissions Directive
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