Sven Giegold

Elections in France: 21% for Le Pen result also from German dominance in Europe

On the result of the first round of French presidential elections, MEP Sven Giegold, spokesperson of the German Greens in the European Parliament commented:


“There can be no hesitation anymore, Macron deserves full support in the second round. These elections are now about Europe as a whole, so differences with Macron on policy issues will have to wait. The high turnout for Le Pen should be a reason for concern and it highlights just how much German dominance in the EU promotes frustration about the EU in many countries. The 21 percent vote for Le Pen is also a result of German politicians’ lecturing attitude towards others in Europe. In Germany, we owe it to our French partners to discuss thoroughly how almost all the candidates expressed their discontent about the German role in Europe. In order for Europe to be held together, German EU policy has to gear up for more solidarity.

It was great to see how many French flags flew at the ‘Pulse of Europe’ events this weekend. The ‘Pulse of Europe’ movement is creating political space for the government to push for a more European Germany.”


This statement in German:

This statement in French:

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