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Juncker on tax avoidance: blind for the past, strong commitments for the future

The president of the EU Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, today answered questions in the European Parliament’s investigatory committee on money-laundering and tax evasion (PANA). A Green study revealed Juncker’s personal responsibility in blocking the fight against tax evasion.

On Juncker’s appearance, MEP Sven Giegold, Green Coordinator in the PANA Committee and author of the Green study on Luxembourg’s role, commented:


“Juncker may be blind to the past, but he’s now made some concrete commitments for the future. It is disappointing that Juncker has refused to accept responsibility for past mistakes or admit the error of his ways. However, Juncker’s commitments today represent the foundations for greater tax justice in Europe.”

“Juncker has said he wants to meet three core Greens/EFA demands: The EU Commission is going to propose a law that obliges all EU Member States to answer group requests for information about tax evaders, thereby enhancing tax cooperation between EU member states. Juncker has announced that he will increase the number of staff in the EU Commission’s task force on “financial crimes”, which currently consists of a ridiculous six employees. Furthermore, the EU Commission has agreed to use Article 116 of the EU Treaty against distortion of competition which allows EU tax law to be decided by majority. Moving tax cooperation to majority voting in the Council could be a game changer for tax justice in Europe.”

“We’ll take Juncker at his word.”


You find our report “How Luxembourg resisted European tax coperation and made money with its circumvention” here:

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