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Poland: Criticism of the EU commission is justified but contestable

Today, the European Commission has reacted to the planned justice reform in Poland and announced first decisions for next week.

MEP Sven Giegold, Greens/EFA and rapporteur of the Parliament for the transparency, integrity and accountability of EU institutions:


“It is good news that the EU commission has sent a clear message to the Polish government. Europa may not remain silent when a member state strikes at the roots of the rule of law. The democratic separation of powers may not put into question.

The criticism of the European Commission is welcome but equally contestable. As long as there is no regular EU monitoring of the rule of law in all member states, it is easy for countries such as Poland or Hungary to denounce criticism from Brussels. Only if all member states are treated equally according to the same criteria, EU controls are truly credible and fair. The EU commission should evaluate the rule of law in all member states using the same parameters in order to confront the despisers of democracy effectively. All EU member states show deficits when it comes to the rule of law and the separation of powers. The EU Commission has clipped its wings to defend European principles by abolishing the regular EU anti corruption report. The EU Commision has to control the rule of law in all EU member states rather than acting as fire fighters when the democratic house is already burning.”


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