Sven Giegold

Whistleblower Jonathan Ferris needs full police protection

After the visit of the delegation of the European Parliament Sven Giegold, co-initiator of the mission and participant of the Greens/EFA group declares:

„Jonathan Ferris has made an important contribution to our fact finding mission. We were concerned to learn that he fears for the safety of himself and his family. The leader of our delegation Ana Gomez asked the police immediately in our name to provide police protection for Ferris and his family. Now I am shocked to learn that he is still only protected during the night through one policeman sitting in a car while the protection during the day is only limited to infrequent patrols. This is clearly insufficient. What else has to happen in Malta so that the government takes threats to exposed persons seriously? Does the government want to risk after a dead journalist a dead whistleblower? I appeal to the government to protect Jonathan Ferris and his family reliably.“

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