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Urgent Petition: Save the European Green Deal!

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Dear friends, dear interested

The European election was the first-ever climate election. Millions of people took to the streets. Their demand to politicians: Finally take the climate crisis and science seriously!

However, it turns out that these calls were not actually heard. The new European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen launched the “European Green Deal”. It was supposed to be Europe’s “Man on the Moon” moment. With the implementation now underway, though, the big announcements are rapidly falling apart

The EU member states are blocking every single project of the Green Deal and weakening the ambitions beyond recognition.

There is not a single sign in sight of the European Union as a global climate champion; instead, the achievements are being dismantled bit by bit.

→ In the EU common agricultural policy, around 400 billion euros are earmarked to do even more damage to the climate, instead of making this climate-damaging sector finally contribute to climate protection.

→ In the EU regulation for sustainable financial products (EU taxonomy), climate-damaging gas and deadly nuclear power could be promoted as “sustainable investments”.

→ Regarding the EU climate target, the central benchmark of the Green Deal, a reduction of only 52.8 percent of greenhouse gas emissions will be decided upon, instead of the 60 percent reduction demanded by the EU Parliament. An end to climate-damaging subsidies? Not a chance! The European Climate Law, the pillar of the Green Deal, stands on shaky ground and is sinking. Under pressure from their national governments, Social Democrats and Liberals are now pulling out of the progressive climate alliance in the European Parliament and accepting the dirty deals of the Christian Democrats, EU member states, and the Commission.

Enough is enough! We will not be walked over any longer. The Commission and the EU member states must finally take their responsibility for the planet and the young generation seriously.

While America under President Biden is returning to the international stage on climate protection, the member states are blocking an European target.

That’s why we’re saying: #SaveTheGreenDeal!  

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Because it is still possible! It is not over yet. Even if we now suffer setbacks and the opponents of ambitious climate policy take advantage of the fact that no one can take to the streets. We will be back. In the summer, the most extensive climate legislation package ever seen in the EU will be presented. The climate rules for cars, energy efficiency of buildings, and the crucial CO2 price will then be set. This package must put Europe on the 1.5 degree path.

This is where we come in to save the European Green Deal. We demand: 

  • An EU coal phase-out must happen by 2030 at the latest through a European CO2 price in Europe of well over 100 euros per tonne.
  • No new cars with combustion engines from 2030 at the latest.
  • Mobilize all forces for 100 percent renewable energy.

 This is where the implementation of the European Green Deal will be decided and this is where we will fight. That means we will put pressure on all member states and the European Commission. Save Europe’s Green Deal!

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With resolute European greetings,

Michael Bloss MEP & Sven Giegold MEP