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Conferenza online | Razzismo strutturale: Scambi di prospettive tra Italia e Germania, martedì 14.07, ore 20-22

I posti sono limitati, iscrivetevi qui! Cari amici ed amiche, cari interessati, Il razzismo strutturale delle nostre societá è stato finalmente portato all’attenzione globale con le manifestazioni Black Lives Matter. La richiesta di riconoscerlo come tale e di affrontarlo cresce sia negli USA che in Europa. Una cosa è chiara: il razzismo ci riguarda tutti, […]

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The 6 most effective ways to circumvent labour law and local standards

A little essay going round and round and ending with Tönnies by GreensEFA EMPL advisor team / Philine Scholze   The 6 most effective ways to circumvent labour law and local standards How to circumvent Labour law and worker protection in Europe? 1. Cross a border To circumvent labour standards, start by crossing the border. […]

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Webinar: “Regional Inequalities – The underestimated risk for Europe” with EU Commissioner Ferreira on Tuesday, 23 June 2020, 7-9pm CEST

Dear friends, The European Commission has recently presented their proposals for a revised European budget for 2021-2027 and a recovery package. Therein, regional funds play a fundamental role and should be equipped with additional 82.6 billion Euros. However, large parts of the money should be handed to the member states without strong conditions. May those […]

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