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ECB executive board: Bulldozing through of Mersch appointment an affront to EU democratic process

Governments from Eurozone member states are expected to confirm the appointment of Yves Mersch to the executive board of the European Central Bank on Monday, ignoring a vote of the European Parliament (1). Commenting on the situation, Greens/EFA co-president Rebecca Harms stated:

“Bulldozing through the appointment of Yves Mersch to the ECB executive board and ignoring the European Parliament’s rejection of his candidacy is an affront to the EU’s democratic process. While not binding, parliament’s vote was a clear political signal to Eurozone governments that they must address the total absence of female representation in the EU’s key economic decision-making bodies. Ignoring this signal not only undermines the democratic process, it is also a blow to the EU’s role in championing gender equality.”

Green economic and finance spokesperson Sven Giegold added:

“Appointing Mersch by an opaque written procedure, over a holiday weekend for the Brussels apparatus, is cynical political chicanery and a further indictment of this anti-democratic appointment. Finance ministers have not yet even had the opportunity to discuss the EP vote! We have urged Council president Van Rompuy not to proceed (2). Yves Mersch’s candidacy lacks democratic legitimacy and his appointment will create two levels of legitimacy on the ECB board.

There has been no female member of the ECB’s executive board since 2011, a situation compounded by the lack of any female presidents of Eurozone central banks, which sit on the governing council. With no change anticipated on the ECB board before 2018, this means that women will be excluded from the Eurozone’s highest decision-making bodies for the near future. The EP has flagged up this problem for some time the continued failure of Council to treat the matter seriously is a scandal.”

(1) The appointment is set to be confirmed on Monday, with the decision taken by written procedure in the Eurogroup, the council of of Euro-member finance ministers. At its October plenary session, the European Parliament voted to reject the candidacy of Yves Mersch in a consultative vote, citing concerns about the failure to consider any female candidates for the position. See Greens/EFA press release:

(2) See the letter from MEPs Sylvie Goulard and Sven Giegold to Council president Van Rompuy


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