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Expert consultation: Digital Finance and Crypto-Assets – Request for contributions

Dear colleagues,
Dear interested,

the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs in the European Parliament is currently working on a “legislative own-initiative report” on Digital Finance. This rather rarely used instrument enables the Parliament to press the EU Commission for new legislative initiatives. The Parliament will prepare the ground for a European framework for FinTechs, digital currencies, cyber-resilience and digital onboarding, among others. Ursula von der Leyen has committed herself to always respond to legislative own-initiative reports from the European Parliament with a legislative proposal. Therefore, this report is of great importance for the creation of an appropriate legal framework for Digital Finance.

Against this background, we would like to ask you to give us concrete (!) tips and suggestions for the report. We are particularly interested in how strong and fair competition between different business models as well as consumer protection can be promoted and how strong money laundering prevention can be ensured in the areas mentioned. We therefore invite you to send us concrete proposals for regulations by Wednesday, 24 June 2020 at 16:00 to Ideally, your proposals should refer to the draft report by rapporteur Ondřej Kovařík, which you will find here:

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