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Invitation: Europe Calling EXTRA “Brexit? No, thanks!” on 16 April at 8pm (CEST)



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Dear friends, dear interested,


Brexit took an unexpected turn. With the last EU summit, the option of a Hard Brexit practically died. The supporters of a Hard Brexit are now faced with a bitter alternative: Either they let May’s Withdrawal Agreement with the EU pass in the House of Commons or the UK has to take part in the European elections. Preparations for the European elections are now in full swing. This has created a new opportunity to stop this damaging Brexit. As annoying as the long Brexit discussion may be, the withdrawal from Brexit would be good for all of us in Europe, despite all the difficulties with the British as EU members. The withdrawal of the UK from the EU would not only cause economic upheaval, but would also weaken all of us in Europe in the long term.


One million people were on the streets only two weeks ago to demand a People’s Vote on the Withdrawal Agreement. Well over 6 million British are calling for Article 50 to be recalled in an official petition to the House of Commons. As German Greens, we support our British friends in their desire to take the issue back into their own hands. Because the UK Parliament is hopelessly divided and apparently completely incapable of making decisions. A People’s Vote, snap elections or a quick deal. Everything seems possible at the moment.


So there is a lot to discuss. That is why I am very pleased that Molly Scott Cato and Alyn Smith, two British colleagues from our Greens/EFA group in the European Parliament, have spontaneously agreed to take part in a special edition of Europe Calling on:


Tuesday, 16 April 2019 at 20:00.


Molly is not only a Green MEP and economic expert who is highly respected across party lines, but also the Brexit spokeswoman for the Green Party of England and Wales. She knows much more about Brexit than she would like to!


Alyn has been a member of the European Parliament for the Scottish National Party since 2004 and is an expert on foreign and agricultural policy. He is an avid campaigner for Scotland and the UK to remain in the EU.


I am also particularly pleased that Terry Reintke MEP, the German delegation’s spokeswoman on Brexit, will also join the panel.


Europe Calling’s interactive online format for all participants to ask questions and join in the discussion. The discussion is open to everyone who is interested. Our language of discussion will be English.


Register here for the discussion (technically necessary; see instructions below):


I would be very happy to discuss with you. Many thanks for spreading this invitation to widely.


With European green greetings

Sven Giegold




This is how Europe Calling works:


To participate in Europe Calling, you don’t have to go anywhere, you can follow the discussion from your home sofa and have your say.


European discussions hardly reach many people, although they concern us all. Through online events we can talk to each other about German and European politics without having to travel to one place. You see the panelists in the discussion in a video window and can listen to them. You can join in the discussion themselves via chat or microphone. All this can be done from your computer, mobile phone or landline. So European politics comes directly to you without travelling – almost like a panel discussion on the spot! Several hundred guests can take part in these webinars on current topics.


Register now for the webinar (technically necessary):


Here’s the deal: Register in advance for the webinar via this link, follow the confirmation link sent by mail and then dial in at the start time of the discussion. All this is simple and self-explanatory: The speaker or a presentation is displayed on the screen. The chat can be used to register contributions or to write directly. As an alternative to the computer, you can also simply listen on the phone. And as a moderator, I lead through lectures and discussions.


Technical problems? The assistant in my Düsseldorf office, Maximilian Fries, is available for questions in advance and during the discussion: +49 (0) 211 936530-11 /

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