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Please join writing my report! What rules for lobbyists, EU-Commissioners and MEPs?

We aim to win back the shrunken trust of citizens in EU institutions with binding rules, respectively sanctions for lobbyist, EU- Commissioners and Members of the European Parliament. Too often loopholes in EU rules are exploited by euroskeptics to reinforce their populist criticism. Therefore, we think that EU institutions should become THE example of clean, transparent and accountable politics. Ideally to achieve progress also for Member States’ institutions to overcome corruption and lack of transparency.

The European Parliament has put me in charge of writing a draft decision which will be dealt with in the Constitutional Committee and the plenary. In advance of formally submitting this draft report, I would like to ask you for your opinion, your ideas and suggestions. The preliminary draft of our report for clean politics can now be found online:

I would like to ask you all for voting on single paragraphs of the proposed text (using the thumbs up or down) or to comment on them as well as to give input on new ideas (to add new paragraphs use the (+) symbol). The collection and discussion of suggestions on this platform will be closed on the 25th September so that enough time for the formal polishing of the report remains. Please share this page widely on Facebook and Twitter if you like in order to ensure that the process towards this report is already as transparent as possible.

We thank those who already send their input via our online form found on and also those who contributed to the call of Democracy International. We tried to include your ideas. Nevertheless please continue to make suggestions and corrections on this draft where you feel it would help our task.

I will read each and every of your comments which is formulated in a respectful and constructive way. Thanks in advance for all votes and comments!

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