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Invitation press breakfast Mo 23 May 9h30: Panama Papers inquiry and tax rules on EcoFin agenda

Dear correspondents,


please feel invited to our press breakfast:


When: Monday, 23 May, 9.30 h


Where: European Parliament members restaurant, ASP building, Brussels


With: Green tax and finance spokespersons Sven Giegold and Molly Scott Cato


The Council meeting of EU finance ministers on Wednesday 25 May is supposed to agree on the draft EU anti-tax avoidance directive, which includes crucial provisions aimed at preventing corporations from shifting funds around within their groups to avoid tax. This briefing will look ahead to decision and the positions of EU governments, as well as looking at the progress or lack thereof under the Dutch EU presidency on other key tax files e.g. interest and royalties.


The briefing will also assess the coming EU Parliament inquiry committee on the Panama Papers leaks and their implications. While agreement has been reached to set up the committee and a deal on the mandate has been found between political groups, some legal questions remain around its mandate, as well as its eventual composition and start date. The briefing will assess the state of play.


This briefing is for journalists only.


Please confirm your attendance by e-mail to


The briefing will take place in English and will be accompanied by a light breakfast.


Kind regards

Sven Giegold



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