Sven Giegold

Timetable for the report Transparency, Accountability and Integrity in the EU institutions

04.12.2014 Coordinators’ decision and Appointment of rapporteur

05.02.2015 Authorisation of procedure by CPGP
12.02.2015 Announcement of procedure in Plenary

26.03.2015 Exchange of views (AFCO if not mentioned otherwise)

05.05.2015 Exchange of views with the participation of VP Guillaume, responsible for transparency issues

17.06.2015 Exchange of views with the participation of Latvian Presidency

01.07.2015 Event by the Integrity Intergroup on change of practices and commitments by MEPs towards more transparency, accountability and integrity

03-25.09.2015 Public consultation on the first draft
10.09.2015 Project team meeting 1/4
22.09.2015 AFCO Workshop on Transparency, Accountability and Integrity of the EU institutions

08.10.2015 Project team meeting 2/4
21.10.2015 Project team meeting 3/4

01.12.2015 Vote in committee (CONT)
01.12.2015 Vote in committee (ENVI)
03.12.2015 Consideration of draft report and exchange of views with First Vice President of the Commission Frans Timmermans
03.12.2015 Decision of deadline for tabling of amendments
10.12.2015 Vote in committee (INTA)

28.01.2016 Vote in committee (JURI)

04.02.2016 Project team meeting 4/4
16.02.2016 Vote in committee (LIBE)
23.02.2016 Exchange of views of opinions of CONT, ENVI, INTA, LIBE and JURI in AFCO
29.02.2016 12h00 Deadline for tabling of amendments

15.03.2016 Consideration of amendments (AM)
10.03.2016 Shadow meeting 1/11 (and project team)
17.03.2016 Shadow meeting 2/11

21.04.2016 Shadow meeting 3/11

25.05.2016 Shadow meeting 4/11
30.05.2016 Exchange of views

07.06.2016 Shadow meeting 5/11
13.06.2016 Shadow meeting 6/11

05.07.2016 Shadow meeting 7/11

29.09.2016 Consideration of AMs

30.09.2016 event “Macht.Geld.Politik” (Power.Money.Politics) in Bielefeld

13.10.2016 Andrej Plenković quits as MEP, György Schöpflin follows as new EPP shadow rapporteur
17.10.2016 Shadow meeting 8/11
24.10.2016 Shadow meeting 9/11

08.11.2016 Vote in committee on the Corbett report on the General revision of Parliament’s Rules of Procedure

13.12.2016 Vote in Plenary on the Corbett report

19.01.2017 Shadow meeting 10/11
16.02.2017 Shadow meeting 11/11

21.03.2017 Vote in committee
30.03.2017 Tabling of final report

10.05.2017 AFCO Anhörung zu Lobbying

14/09/2017 Vote in Plenary


adopted final text:

procedural file:

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