Sven Giegold
Member of the European Parliament – Greens/EFA Group

Speaker of the German Green Delegation
Until 15 December 2021

Month: February 2021

OpenLux: Luxembourg’s reaction could not be more brazen

Following today’s revelations by Süddeutsche Zeitung, Le Monde, OCCRP and other media partners about tax avoidance practices in Luxembourg, the Luxembourg government has responded with a statement denying any harmfulness of its tax system. It published this statement on the website In their investigation, journalists made the entire transparency register of beneficial owners of […]

New revelations on Luxembourg: Governments must put a stop to tax tricks

International research by Süddeutsche Zeitung, Le Monde, OCCRP and other media partners reveals with new data that Luxembourg remains a thriving tax haven – even after the LuxLeaks scandal. For the first time, they have made the entire beneficial ownership transparency register for companies and investment funds in Luxembourg completely searchable. More than 250 billionaires […]

Europe Calling “Deadly Patents?” – How to scale up the production of Covid-19 vaccines globally” – Wed, 10/2, 8pm CET

Recording here: By loading the video, you accept YouTube’s privacy policy.Learn more Load video Always unlock YouTuben Dear friends, dear interested, Vaccines are the way out of the Covid-19 pandemic. But despite huge public investments, on a global scale far too little vaccine is being produced so far. While the developed countries will have vaccinated […]

GameStop frenzy relentlessly exposes inefficiency of stock markets

Dear friends, dear interested, It is a battle between David and Goliath that has been unfolding around the GameStop share for about a week now. On the one side: big players in the financial sector, first and foremost American hedge funds. On the other: a swarm of internet-savvy retail investors who want to beat the […]

Invitation: “Competition policy contributing to the EU Green Deal” with Commissioners Vestager & Timmermans, Thu, 4/2/2021, 9-15.15 CET

Dear friends and all those who are interested, For the European Green Deal and the target of climate neutrality by 2050 to succeed, a large common effort is needed on national as well as European level. European competition policy plays a central part in this, because green companies and investments are dependent on truly fair […]