Sven Giegold
Member of the European Parliament – Greens/EFA Group

Speaker of the German Green Delegation

EU investment fund and insurance rules (UCITS, IMD, PRIPs): Commission tiptoes towards strengthened consumer protection

The European Commission today presented three legislative proposals on the regulation of insurance policies, investment funds and packaged retail investment products (1). These three proposals have a broad impact on private and retail investors. The Greens described the proposals as a missed opportunity for strengthening consumer protection with these financial products. Commenting on the proposals, […]

Accounting transparency
EP vote for tougher EU rules would reduce scope for unethical corporations and tax avoidance

Crucial new draft EU legislation on accounting and transparency for large companies moved a step closer to reality after a vote in the economic and monetary affairs committee yesterday evening. One of the key aspects of the legislation is proposals on mandatory reporting for companies on their financial dealings and operations in all countries. Similar […]

EU mortgage rules:
EP votes to strengthen consumer protection but fails to deal with macroeconomic risks of property lending

The European Parliament’s economic affairs committee today voted on draft EU legislation on mortgages (CARRP – credit agreements relating to residential property). The Greens welcomed the strengthening of proposals in a number of areas but regretted the failure to properly address the macroeconomic impact of property lending. After the vote, Green finance spokesperson Sven Giegold […]

European Parliament Strengthens Social and Solidarity Economy

The economic and monetary affairs committee (ECON) of the European Parliament has adopted new legislative proposals, which aim to create a new type of European investment fund providing capital to the social and solidarity economy. This would give a crucial boost to this important sector of our economy. MEPs voted to improve the draft legislation, […]

Working paper: No stablization of the Euro without a Green New Deal

Does media really have a point saying that Spain, Portugal and Italy live beyond their means and are not competitive? We had a closer look at the data of the struggling countries: It turned out that the crisis countries are living beyond their ecological means. The dependency on energy and imports of fossil fuels (oil, […]