Sven Giegold


Promotion of Selmayr: EU posts must go to the best not to the best connected

On the initiative of the Greens/EFA Group, the recent and sudden appointment of Martin Selmayr as Secretary General of the European Commission will engage MEPs in today’s plenary debate in Strasbourg. On this occasion the Greens presented five demands with regards to the case of Selmayr (see below). Only in the recent past, secret meetings […]


The mendacious debate on NGO transparency

For two years, the Christian Democrats and their European partner groups have fought against binding rules on lobby transparency in the European Parliament. In 25 amendments, they have tried in plenary to weaken my report on „Transparency, Integrity and Accountability in the EU Institutions“. In other amendments they have tried to implement new rules for […]


100+ MEPs call for more Transparency and Integrity in the European Parliament across party lines

Ahead of next week’s plenary vote on the revision of Parliament’s rules of procedure, more than 100 MEPs from five political groups have submitted amendments to increase Transparency and strengthen Integrity in the European Parliament. The draft plenary agenda foresees the vote for Tuesday 13 December 12h30. This can be subject to change until the […]


lobby control: Greens make Frans Timmermans think twice about the best way to full transparency

Timmermans answered to my question that he’s ready to think twice about the best legal basis for a lobby transparency register to be mandatory for lobbyists and ready to question if the so far planned Interinstitutional Agreement is the best way. Agreements between EU-institutions can bind only employees but not lobbyists as outsiders. This openness […]