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Tomorrow: Committee vote on rules of conduct for MEPs

Dear correspondents,

Besides the US elections, there are other interesting things happening tomorrow, including in the European Parliament’s Constitutional Affairs Committee. It will vote on a report in which parliament will set out its own rules of conduct, for example for dealing with lobbyists.

Apart from the content, it might be one of the longest votes in some time: following a request from the Five Star MEPs, any amendments will be voted individually.

Among other things, the committee has to decide:

– if parliamentarians should be allowed to meet only lobbyists who are on the lobby register;

– if parliamentarians should have to indicate which lobbyists influenced their legislative decisions; and

– whether a similar cooling-off rule should be applied to MEPs after the end of their mandate as for European Commissioners.

You can also follow the full schedule Tuesday, 8 November, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. in person in Altiero Spinelli main building in room 1G-2 or online here:

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Sven Giegold

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