Sven Giegold
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Fragen an die EZB zur Anrechnung von Sicherheiten für Geschäftsbanken

Geschäftsbanken die sich von der Europäischen Zentralbank (EZB) Geld leihen, müssen dafür bei ihr Sicherheiten hinterlegen.  Um die Anwendung der Regeln für diese Sicherheitenhinterlegung zu beleuchten haben wir folgende Fragen bei der EZB eingereicht:   

1. Why and on the basis of which rules has the ECB accepted the rating of the agency DBRS to collateralise Spanish bills, even though the aforementioned rating agency does not rate T-bills but only longer maturity securities and that appropriate ratings by other agencies are available for Spanish t-bills?

2. What is the rationale for any differences in the application of rules regarding collateral requirements in different euro area Member States?  

3. Has the ECB recently changed provisions of its framework of collateralisation rules, which would apply to the t-bills of Eurozone member states, such as Ireland, Portugal, Spain or any other member state?

4. To what extend have banks of Eurozone member states provided more collateral than what is necessary according to ECB collateralisation rules?

5. Will the ECB proceed to margin calls in order to regularize the situation regarding inadequate collateral policies in respect of refinancing operations with Spanish banks?

6. Will the ECB disclose on an ex post basis requirements applied to securities put forward as collateral on a country by country basis?

7. Will the ECB disclose any internal guideline regarding collateral requirements and post additional collateral to margin calls?