Sven Giegold

Greece: Election winner stands for clientelism and corruption until today

On the result of the parliamentary elections in Greece, MEP Sven Giegold, financial and economic policy spokesperson of the Greens/EFA group, commented:

“The hope remains that Greece will not fall back into bad old times. Nea Dimokratia has never drawn credible conclusions from the corruption scandals. To this day the party of the election winner stands for clientelism and corruption. Whether Mitsotakis, son of one of the old Christian Democratic politician dynasties, will be able to clear up his party’s clientelism is highly questionable. It will be interesting to see how the Commission and the Eurogroup will behave towards the new Greek government. Syriza has always been treated very harshly by the Eurogroup. The country deserves relief in terms of its required primary surplus. It would however be an irony of history if Nea Dimokratia was granted preferential treatment. We Greens will continue to press for debt relief for Greece and for the democratisation of the Eurogroup.”

Rubrik: Demokratie & Lobby

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