Sven Giegold

Tax avoidance

Paradise Papers: European Parliament sets out for new special committee

Today, the Conference of Presidents adopted the mandate for a new Special Committee on financial crime, tax fraud and tax avoidance. It is the 4th committee of the European Parliament after TAXE, TAX2 and the Committee of Inquiry PANA. Parliament is also responding to the publication of the Paradise Papers. The mandate was negotiated across […]


Proposal for taxing Apple & Co: Need to slaughter the sacred cow of unanimity in the Council of Member States

The finance ministers of Germany, France, Italy and Spain have made a joint proposal to combat tax avoidance of Apple, Google, Amazon and other large digital companies. Because companies in the digital world can easily shift their profits to low-tax countries, in the future, internet companies are expected to pay taxes on their turnover. This […]


Mystery-monger: Commission still owes crucial documents to EP’s special committee against tax avoidance

While publicly calling for more tax transparency, the European Commission itself is at the forefront of mystery-mongers when it comes to disclosing documents of the Code of Conduct Group on business taxation, a Council fora dedicated to eliminate harmful tax measures.   Although the Commission claims to have fulfilled all TAX2 requests for documents, together […]


Special Committee against tax dumping needs full access to key documents to fulfil its mandate

We continue to push hard to get access to all documents needed to clarify who bears the blame for tax dumping in Europe and in particular for the failure of the Code of Conduct Group on business taxation, a Council fora dedicated to eliminate harmful tax measures.   Together with Fabio de Masi (GUE/NGL), today […]


New report on banks‘ tax avoidance: Transparency is key to fight tax dumping

A new report from Tax Research UK commissioned by our Green group in the European Parliament shows there are strong indications for profit shifting in the banking sector. The report highlights that the 26 banks surveyed have been systematically over-reporting their profits in some low tax jurisdictions or places identifiable as tax havens, whilst appearing […]