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Special committee on tax dumping in the EU has started

It did take some time, but now the moment has come: the special committee of the European Parliament TAXE has started with its work. As you might know, our initiative for an inquiry committee failed in the European Parliament through the resistance of Social and Christian Democrats. However, the resulting special committee is a big chance to reveal who bears the blame of tax dumping favoured by governments and multinational corporations. In this context it is not only important to investigate the role of tax heavens such as Luxembourg, Ireland, Austria or the Netherlands. I personally want to know the reason why the governments, tax and law enforcement authorities of Germany, France, Italy etc. so far have done little against these practises. The investigation in the European Parliament can help to push for effective laws in Europe.

We Greens have presented an ambitious roadmap showing what we want to investigate. All details can be found here:

The very first task will be to obtain a comprehensive picture which countries and corporations commit cross-border tax dumping by using which instruments or have tolerated tax dodging.

We are especially interested in concrete examples, documents and figures – in the first place those not published or hardly known yet.

I am looking forward to receiving further hints and suggestions! Of course, such tips can be made on an anonymous basis and the protection of sources will be guaranteed.

Furthermore, we are pleased to cooperate with tax experts willing to support us Greens in the special committee with their expertise. Volunteers first!

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