Sven Giegold

Steuerkommissar Algirdas Šemeta zur Abstimmung über die Energiebesteuerungsrichtlinie

Algirdas Šemeta, Kommissar für Steuern und Zollunion, Audit und Betrugsbekämpfung, hat die heutige Abstimmung über die Energiebesteuerungsrichtline wie folgt kommentiert:

„I appreciate the European Parliament’s support today for more coherent taxation of energy products based on their CO2 and energy content. However, I regret that the Parliament could not fully support the proposal which it has been seeking for years. The rejection of the alignment of motor fuel taxation is particularly disappointing. […] The impact on diesel prices has been overstated. Already today a majority of Member States tax diesel at rates higher than the minima set out in our proposal. National governments will maintain flexibility in how they structure their energy taxes, and options exist to prevent a rise in diesel prices if this is what they want to achieve.“

Kommissar Šemetas komplettes Statement kann hier nachgelesen werden.

Rubrik: Wirtschaft & Währung

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