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EIOPA stress test 2016 hides the bad shape of Europe’s insurance market

On Thursday, the European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA) published its EU-wide stress test for the European insurance sector. The results look positive at first sight, but closer inspection gives grounds for serious concern. An accompanying EIOPA report…

Solvency II: Backroom deals in Bruxelles shall boost securitization on the back of customers and tax payers

Calibration of securitized loans Since several years member states negotiate the critical calibration of the new Solvency II framework for Europe’s insurance sector. During these negotiations over the implementing measures the risk weights for securitized products were lowered several times. The…

Solvency II wire: Beware of excessive LTG measures

Beware of excessive LTG measures Solvency II Wire, August 24, 2013 Most of the critics of the EIOPA Long-Term Guarantees Assessment argue that the proposed measures do not go far enough in providing…