Sven Giegold

European election in Germany: A vote in favour of climate protection and against the Europe policies of the German Federal Government

On the result of the European elections, Sven Giegold, Spitzenkandidat for Bündnis 90/Die Grünen, commented:

„This election was a vote for climate protection, but at the same time the European political blockade of the Grand Coalition was voted out. Climate protection and the strengthening of European cohesion must now be on the agenda. Instead of a German blockade of European solidarity, we need an awakening for Europe. In concrete terms, we demand decisive action on climate protection, a turnaround in agriculture policy in Europe and investment in joint European projects. Like France, the German government must present ambitious proposals for a new start in European policy. Europe was not built from great brake pads, but from great ideas. The wins of the Greens in the European Parliament express the demand of many people for change. The higher turnout is a strengthening of the European Parliament and of European democracy as a whole. The heads of government must not sabotage the Spitzenkandidaten principle. It is now up to the political groups in the European Parliament to make the first proposal for the position of the EU Commission President. In exchange for Green policy, we are ready to play a constructive role in the building of a majority. From now on, the other parties can no longer just talk climate protection, they must also act for climate protection. Climate protection must be implemented concretely in a new EU agricultural policy and a socially just CO2 pricing. Our maxim is the following: „The European Union must now become a climate and social union“.

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