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Lux-Leaks whistleblower should not be charged!

Dear colleagues and friends,

Today several European media published a call in support of Antoine Deltour. The frenchman and tax expert Deltour is the whistleblower whom we all deserve the LuxLeaks scandal.

Only thanks to his sense of responsibility we know now exactly how the tax planning schemes of E.ON, Disney, Skype and many others work. He has never searched for personal financial gain with his whistleblowing. Nevertheless, he has now lost his new job and is being prosecuted by the judiciary of Luxembourg. The least we can all expect from the state of Luxembourg is to end this lawsuit!

Our call from civil society and politics:

In addition to our call French NGOs have set up a website in support of Antoine:

For me LuxLeaks is for me a stroke of luck in order to put even more pressure for a real European tax policy. Therefore, it is even more our our duty to support the whistleblower Antoine Deltour.

In co-operation

Sven Giegold


The signees of the call are as follows:

Raymond Baker Global Financial Integrity

Jack A. Blum Tax Justice Network USA

José Bové French MEP (Green)

Franziska Brantner German MP (Green)

Richard Brooks Author

Prof A J Brown Griffith University

Terri Butler Australian MP (Labour)

John Christensen Tax Justice Network UK

Allison Christians McGill University

Frank Clemente Americans for Tax Fairness

Alex Cobham Centre for Global Development

Rosa L. DeLauro US Congresswoman (Democrat)

Karima Delli French MEP (Green)

Anneliese Dodds UK MEP (Labour)

Lloyd Doggett US Congressman (Democrat)

Rev Prof Andrew Dutney Uniting Church in Australia

Bas Eickhout Dutch MEP (Green)

Prof Peter Eigen Transparency International

Sven Giegold German MEP (Green)

Andrew Giles Australian MP (Labour)

Jesse Griffiths Eurodad

Gavin Hayman Global Witness

Nathaniel Heller Global Integrity

John Hilary War on Want

Martin Hojsik ActionAid International

Kelvin Hopkins UK MP (Labour)

Tim Hughes Involve

Yannick Jadot French MEP (Green)

Cathy James Public Concern at Work

Lord (Joel) Joffe UK member of upper house (Labour)

Eva Joly French MEP (Green)

Ged Kearney Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU)

Paul Kenny GMB union

Dr Sheila Killian University of Limerick

Philippe Lamberts Belgian MEP (Green)

Archie Law ActionAid Australia

Mauricio Lazala Business & Human Rights Resource Centre

Daniel Lebegue Transparency International

Eric LeCompte Jubilee USA

Laetitia Liebert Sherpa

Caroline Lucas UK MP (Green)

Benoît Majerus University of Luxembourg

Adrienne Margolis Lawyers for Better Business

Sorley McCaughey Christian Aid Ireland

Len McCluskey Unite the union

Porter McConnell Coallition for Financial Transparency

John McDonnell UK MP (Labour)

Katherine McFate Center for Effective Government

Michael Meacher UK MP (Labour)

Austin Mitchell UK MP (Labour)

Richard Murphy Tax Research UK

Melissa Parke Australian MP (Labour)

Cedric Perrin French senator (UMP)

Prof Sol Picciotto Lancaster University

Bernard Pinaud CCFD-Terre Solidaire

Prof Thomas Pogge Yale University

Marc Purcell Australian Council for International Development

David Quentin Tax Justice Network UK

Michèle Rivasi French MEP (Green)

Friederike Roder ONE

Prof Tulio Rosembuj University of Barcelona

Molly Scott Cato UK MEP (Green)

Mark Serwotka PCS union

Nick Shaxon Author

Prof Prem Sikka University of Essex

Nick Smith UK MP (Labour)

Jim Stewart Trinity College, Dublin

Lord (Ben) Stoneham UK member of the upper house (Lib Dem)

Dr Andy Storey University College Dublin

Ernest Urtasun Spanish MEP (Green)

Tom van der Lee Oxfam Novib

Denis Vienot Justice et Paiz

Duncan Wigan Copenhagen Business School

Rebecca Wilkins FACT Coalition

Dan Wootton Uniting Church in Australia

Dr Mark Zirnsak Tax Justice Network Australia



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