Sven Giegold


European Parliament sends series of tough questions to Lord Hill

The European Parliament´s Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee (ECON) has sent a list of written queries to Lord Hill, commissioner-designate for EU financial market affairs. These should be answered before a possible next exchange of views with the parliament planned for the coming Monday. Sven Giegold, Greens/EFA economic and finance spokesperson, commented: “Lord Hill owes […]


Tax avoidance and competition:
Closing loophole will help address corporate tax chicanery but wider approach needed

The European Commission today presented proposals to revise the EU’s parent-subsidiary directive, with a view to closing loopholes in the legislation, which facilitate corporate tax avoidance. The Greens welcomed the proposals but cautioned on the need to ensure a broader approach to properly address corporate tax avoidance. Commenting on the proposals, Green taxation spokesperson Sven […]