Sven Giegold

Spinelli Group: Sven Giegold joins the board of cross-party initiative of federalist MEPs

On 11 July, the Spinelli Group co-opted Sven Giegold to their Board. Founded in the European Parliament in 2010, the Group brings together MEPs of different party groups to collaborate on constitutional issues. The aim of the Spinelli Group is to work by stages towards a federal constitution of the European Union based on the values of liberal democracy.


The present work plan foresees as main objectives of EU reform over the next decade:

  • to improve the governance of economic and monetary union;
  • to resolve the immigration crisis;
  • to strengthen the legitimacy of the EU institutions;
  • to create among a core group of EU states a security and defence union;
  • to identify post-Brexit the meaning and relevance of ‘ever closer union’.


In September or October 2018, the Spinelli Group will present its own programme for the constitutional reform of the European Union.


On the board, Sven Giegold replaces Jan-Philipp Albrecht, who left the European Parliament to become minister in the German state Schleswig-Holstein. Beside Spinelli president Andrew Duff (former British Liberal MEP), the board includes Elmar Brok (CDU), Jo Leinen (SPD), Brando Benifei und Mercedes Bresso (Italian Social-Democrats), Danuta Hübner (Polish Christian-Democrat), Tom Vandenkendelaere (Belgian Christian-Democrat), Guy Verhofstadt (Belgian Liberals), Marietje Schaake (Dutch Liberals), Paolo Vacca (Secretary-General of the Union of European Federalists, UEF) and Monica Frassoni (co-president of the European Green Party)

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