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UK and EU common market: Johnson continues to raise false hopes

In a comment for The Telegraph, Boris Johnson claims that the UK will continue to have to full access to the EU’s common market. MEP Sven Giegold, financial and economic policy spokesperson of the Greens/EFA group in the European Parliament commented:


“Boris Johnson continues to raise false hopes on the economic consequences of the Brexit. There won’t be any cherry picking for the British government in the negotiations with the EU. Full access to the common market comes with full obligations including free movement of people and financial contributions to the EU budget. Johnson’s claim on how much money the UK will save outside the EU, is a naive miscalculation. Norway got full access to the common market only by accepting payments and EU rules. After winning the referendum with false claims, Johnson seems to play the same card now to become the next Prime Minister.


There is no self-service on the four freedoms of the EU. The four freedoms only come as a package. There cannot be free movement of the City’s capital without free movement of people. Passporting and grandfathering for financial services is not acceptable without fully accepting the rules and duties of the common market. The EU has to be strict on the four freedoms. However, the EU should not shut the door for the young British people. Young Brits who want to work or study in the European Union should be welcomed with open arms. Keeping the door open for young Brits in the EU’s ERASMUS program should be considered.”

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