Sven Giegold

Zeitplan der weiteren Anhörungen der Kommissionskandidaten Hill, Katainen und Dombrovskis

Procedure for deciding on HILL, KATAINEN & DOMBROVSKIS

Tuesday, 7th October 2014

17:30-18:00 – ECON: Brief discussion on Commissioners-designate Hill and Katainen.

18:00-19:00 – ECON/EMPL/ITRE: Joint Evaluation on Commissioner-designate Katainen

19:00-19:30 – Possible Joint ECON/EMPL meeting to finalise Commissioner-designate Dombrovskis procedure (Time permitting) (without


19:30-22:00 – ECON: Outstanding issues including Hill


Although consensus decisions on the letter concerning the respective candidate is the norm, every political group can demand a vote in the responsible committee. If a vote in a committee is needed that cannot take place today. A date has not been fixed yet but could already by this Wednesday.

As soon as committees concerned have agreed on their response to the candidates, the conference of presidents prepare the ultimate vote on the Commission as a whole in the plenary. Between these steps negotations with Juncker on changes in the design of the Commission are likely.

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