Sven Giegold
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Tax evasion:
Shameless obstructionism on banking transparency must be overcome

EU finance ministers today failed to agree on ending loopholes in the EU savings directive, under which Luxembourg and Austria are exempted from provisions on automatic information exchange, due to continued opposition from those two countries. The Greens hit…

Briefing: FATCA and Data Protection

FATCA is the most effective tool in the fight against tax evasion and tax avoidance. For a long time, civil society (development organisations, Tax Justice Network, Attac…) and the Greens have been fighting for reciprocal automatic exchange of information…

Offshore Secrets: Time is ripe for a European FATCA

Journalists from over 30 countries have published data of approximately 130,000 persons involved in tax haven companies or activities aiming at tax evasions or avoidance (1). This gave a new boost to the debate on tax justice and untransparent…

World Social Forum in Tunis

Dear friends, From 26 until 31 March, I will attend the World Social Forum in Tunis, Tunisia. The first World Social Forum…