Sven Giegold

EU Summit: Europe fails to put forward a positive answer to Trump

European heads of states meet for an informal EU Summit in Malta today. The draft conclusions of this Council meeting have been already published. MEP Sven Giegold (Greens/EFA) commented:

“At this summit, Europe fails to put forward a positive answer to Trump. Criticising Trump’s wall, but establishing barricades against refugees from Libya at the same time, is hypocritical. If we want to defend fundamental rights, we must not exclude the right of asylum. In the battle for our core values, Europe weakens its own position towards the US, if it does not adhere to these values. Europe should put a stronger focus on addressing the root causes of forced migration and establishing safe routes for war refugees. The second largest group coming via Libya are people fleeing from the civil war in Eritrea. Today’s decisions of European governments are an outsourcing of responsibility for people in need of protection.”

Draft conclusions of the Council:

Rubrik: Demokratie & Lobby

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