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Revelations on tax avoidance of football stars: serious foul play against common good

Today, the Spanish newspaper “El Confidencial” reports on leaked documents revealing tax avoidance practices by football stars like Cristiano Ronaldo. Although residing in Madrid, Ronaldo has been invoicing most of his advertising revenues through an Irish company. With this manoeuvre, he has benefitted from a significantly lower tax rate on his earnings. While Spain taxes at 43.5%, Ireland only charges 12.5%. MEP Sven Giegold, financial and economic policy spokesperson of the Greens/EFA group, comments on the so-called “football leaks”:

“The tax dodging practices of football stars are a serious foul play against the common good. Tax avoidance of Ronaldo and other players is to the disadvantage of their fans and all other honest taxpayers. Not only on the playing field but also when it comes to paying taxes fairplay should be the rule of thumb.

Once again it is Ireland that promotes tax dumping and takes away tax revenue from other EU countries. The tax tricks of football stars underline the need for curbing tax competition in Europe by introducing common minimum tax rates for companies. The EU Commission has to follow up with a legislative proposal.”


Article in El Confidencial on “football leaks”:

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