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Brexit delay needs a clear vision: If British politics cannot decide, British citizens should

Brexit-Verhandlungen May und Juncker

MEP Sven Giegold, the European Parliament’s rapporteur for transparency, accountability and integrity in the EU institutions in light of today’s vote in the House of Commons on a postponement of Britain’s withdrawal from the EU, comments as follows:


„It is good that the House of Commons has voted against a disorderly Brexit. If the UK does not want the disorderly Brexit, it has to say what an orderly Brexit should look like. A postponement needs a clear vision. More time is not the key problem, but what that time is used for. We now need a clear message from Britain. An agreement in the House of Commons nevertheless seems difficult. Theresa May seems to have lost control of her hopelessly divided Tory party. If British political institutions are incapable of making decisions, it is only logical that the citizens should decide. But that is the sovereign decision of the British people themselves. The EU should therefore keep the door open for a second referendum. A second referendum would be a sensible goal for such an extension.


On 23 March there will be a major demonstration in London for a ‚people’s vote‘. I will participate at the invitation of my colleagues of the Greens in England and Wales.“

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