Sven Giegold
Mitglied der Grünen/EFA-Fraktion im Europaparlament

Sprecher Europagruppe Grüne
Bis 15. Dezember 2021

The group of Conservatives and Reformists must decide: Do they defend the Euro or break it?

The group of Conservatives and Reformists must decide: Do they defend the Euro or break it?

The European Parliament’s Committee for Economic and Monetary Affairs (ECON) met today to elect its chair and and vice chairs. According the the D’Hondt method, the political group of Conservatives and Reformists also has the right to suggest one vice chair. The group consisting of British Tories, The (True) Finns, the Danish Peoples Party and the Alternative für Deutschland party suggested Bernd Lucke for this post. The EU treaties clearly state that the Euro is the currency for all member states of the European Union, with the only exceptions of the United Kingdom and Denmark. Bernd Lucke was rejected today as a candidate with 30 “no” votes against 21 “yes” votes while 6 abstained in a secret ballot. The election of vice chairs will continue next Monday in Strasbourg.

Sven Giegold, Green economic and finance spokesperson in the European Parliament stated on the vote by the ECON Committee:

„The group of Conservatives and Reformists has to take up responsibility swiftly by suggesting an alternative candidate for the vice chair of the ECON Committee who is able to execute this office within the treaties. The vote on Mr. Lucke is not meant to be against plurality of opinion or adverse to his group that was always ready to act in favour of the stability of our currency, before AfD party was admitted to the group.

„Mr. Lucke cannot simultaneously hold office as vice chair of the European Parliament’s Economic and Monetary Committee and promote the split of the Euro zone.

„Not at least Mr. Cameron’s British Conservatives supported the stability of the Euro currency from the outside, – also in their best own-interest.“